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This game will allow children to let their imagination run wild while learning skills in maths, problem solving, coordination, language and so much more. Children can explore this beautiful spectacular world with their chosen character. In this world they will learn while they play, by completing different tasks. The demo is available in both Afrikaans and English.

This game is developed for grade 1 children to have fun in a beautiful world and learn all the things that is taught in school. Grade 2 and 3 children can also enjoy this game by playing the game in their second language and have the option to choose a more difficult level within each task/quest.

The game is set in a world that is run by children. You, as the main character are the new arrival in the town, and your task is to help all the kids solve their problems as you are the most smartest one in town.

The world is big and full of various tasks to do, each one will have something else to learn from. It is a open world which means the character have the ability to go back to any task and do it over and over again. The main character will have the ability to interact with the world and the other characters, have conversations, receive candy from a task done and be able to share the candy with the other characters. The main character will also have the ability to play games with the other characters, for example hide and seek or tag. There will also be a exciting story, things happening in-between the tasks, for example a puppet show or a parade to keep the children excited and wanting to see what happens next.

Adventure School will be releasing on Windows, Mac, Android and IOS PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be considered in the future.

The Demo is ready to play, but it needs a parent to help guide the child who is playing the game. The complete game will be playable without any help of a parent by adding good explanation of each task and guidance to the next task. The explanation will be with voice, which the child has to listen to, in order to do the task. The Demo is only available in Afrikaans and English and contains only 7 quests/tasks.


Adventure School Install.exe 507 MB

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